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Fiber Dark Roots Two Tone Full Lace wig Real Natural For Women–Soft & Smooth

Honestly, this is one the best Fuhsi wigs I have ever bought! Now, I have bought a few of their products and they were awesome, but this takes the cake! Out the box, the hair was just soft, and silky. It’s very lightweight. The hair is a silky Sandish blonde, like a dirty blonde with grey undertones and dark roots. It is honestly one of the prettiest wigs I ever bought from them. It’s great for everyday wear.

I love it! The only thing I would say is that it tends to shed a lil, so I’m gonna give you guys the real hereeee lol, but it doesn’t shed that much. Now this is my 2nd day with it on, but i will update you later. But as any wig, you just have to take care of it, and that will ensure it lasts a long time. Try not to blow dry until it completely airs out and is completely dry, low heat and try not to do style manipulation almost everyday, and you should be good! It is kinda a tight fit, but once I braided up my hair, it was easier to put it on over a wig cap.

It doesn’t have any clips on the sides it’s like embedded towards the middle of the wig and their is a clip in the back, but it’s a good fit for my head. But it may vary from person to person. I didn’t really have to do any alterations with the wig, although I may do it in the future. I am honestly going more towards the natural look, so I may not tweeze or anything. And the wig also comes with beautiful blonde baby hairs.