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Brazilian Virgin Remy Curly Wigs with Baby Hair for Black Women

I was originally suspicious about ordering from net but I was indeed wrong. This hair is amazing!! I made a wig if interested please feel free to contact me and it was a hassle to fit all 3 bundles plus the frontal these Brazilian curly bundles are soooo thick and full. I hardly ever have tangles and with curly hair that is a big plus.

The curls automatically come back after the slightest mist of moisture. I do have a bit of shedding but its minimal. I use keratin shampoo and conditioner it literally makes my hair feel like butter. I highly recommend this brazilian hair. I’ve made a video on YouTube and people have became highly interested in this hair.

Okay so the frontal is trash now, it became brittle over time and the hair just would not blend with the hair bundles. However the bundles are still beautiful with minimal shedding. If anything you’ll need a new frontal or closure after a couple months.

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Pre-Plucked Hairline Silky Straight Wave Hair Wig

I love the hair.. very soft. Almost wish I got wavy because dark hair personally looks better wavy on me. I might dye it I doubt I will. I’ve already straightened and slept in braids and curled it a bit… it curls really well. Length is great.

I was supposed to receive it in 4 days but it came in 2 days! I honestly expected it to be synthetic when I received it or at least a mix but it ended up being what it said it is and she is beautiful. Comes with pretty long baby hairs and does need a little plucking.

My first wig like this so I’m still trying to get use to it. Got2b works great with it. I haven’t bleached the knots but if I decide to lighten the hair I will.

I still haven’t washed it idk why. Some ppl cousin about the smell when you first get it but I love it. Maybe because it just reminds me I got some new hair.

180% Density Brazilian Virgin Remy Wigs with Baby Hair

This wig is everything! I have had it for over a month now and it is still gorgeous, doesn’t tangle hardly at all, is shiny, doesn’t shed, and is natural looking. I plucked the parting a bit and it was super easy and looks amazing. I have several wigs and this is the only one I wear in public without a hat on.

I’ve paid over $300 for a wig before and it got matted and tangled, had very little lustre, and was one giant waste of money.

I’ve purchased multiple wigs both synthetic and real priced high and low and none of them even come close to this one. I can’t even bring myself to purchase any other brand or from any other source now because I love this one so much.

I’m not getting paid, sponsored, or anything like that to write this review I just want everyone to know that for the price of this wig you will not find better! I also have to mention that the material and parting color are so perfect and undectectable on me that I am in love.

8A Brazilian Virgin Loose Deep Wave 4 Bundles Human Hair

First let me start by saying I’ve ordered from this seller before and I absolutely loved the customer service they provide. And the hair…well that speaks for itself. Both times I ordered hair from this company I have been very satisfied. A few months ago I ordered the Mongolian Kinky and now I have Brazilian Loose deep water wave.

And I absolutely love it!! Very soft, easy to manage and gets better with some good products and water lol… I have indeed rinsed it to “Black” just to match my own hair and it took very well… I did notice after my installation a very little bit of shedding, nothing to be alarmed about but some strands here and there.

The seller contacted me and I explained my (itty bitty concern lol) and he rectified it right away!!! So, with good hair and GREAT customer service you can definitely count on me to keep buying my hair from bly.

Fiber Dark Roots Two Tone Full Lace wig Real Natural For Women–Soft & Smooth

Honestly, this is one the best Fuhsi wigs I have ever bought! Now, I have bought a few of their products and they were awesome, but this takes the cake! Out the box, the hair was just soft, and silky. It’s very lightweight. The hair is a silky Sandish blonde, like a dirty blonde with grey undertones and dark roots. It is honestly one of the prettiest wigs I ever bought from them. It’s great for everyday wear.

I love it! The only thing I would say is that it tends to shed a lil, so I’m gonna give you guys the real hereeee lol, but it doesn’t shed that much. Now this is my 2nd day with it on, but i will update you later. But as any wig, you just have to take care of it, and that will ensure it lasts a long time. Try not to blow dry until it completely airs out and is completely dry, low heat and try not to do style manipulation almost everyday, and you should be good! It is kinda a tight fit, but once I braided up my hair, it was easier to put it on over a wig cap.

It doesn’t have any clips on the sides it’s like embedded towards the middle of the wig and their is a clip in the back, but it’s a good fit for my head. But it may vary from person to person. I didn’t really have to do any alterations with the wig, although I may do it in the future. I am honestly going more towards the natural look, so I may not tweeze or anything. And the wig also comes with beautiful blonde baby hairs.

Long Natural Wavy Heat Resistant Synthetic Hair Replacement Wig Halloween Half Hand Tied 24 inches

Got this in the mail FAST!! LOVE THAT!! The hair is same color as mine but nice and thick (what I want) I love the length and love the combs on each side and top/middle helps to secure. However I have a very small head and wish there was one on the bottom back that would help stay close to my head.

The adjustment hooks don’t help the security of it staying on your head at all. I also wish the black roots were dark blonde but still nice hair. I really love that it looks so natural and soft curls at the bottom are gorgeous!

Not much shedding but does seem to matt together a little in the back underneath but hey not bad and for the price and fast delivery I can’t complain…. if fact gonna order another one and probably another after that.

360 Lace Frontal Wig Pre Plucked Brazilian Remy Lace Human Hair Wigs for Black Women

The hairline is PERFECT! I dyed this wig, bleached the knots and it took the color with no problem! My only suggestion is for the wig cap to be larger. I will be purchasing this wig again!

This wig was so nice, I bought it twice! Only to find that something was wrong! The hairline is BEAUTIFUL, but is gone within a month due to single tied knots used to create it. I use adhesive to glue my units down and the knots couldn’t handle it and broke off on both wigs. I cut the bald lace off the hairline, sewed in an elastic band and cut some new baby hairs, making it a clueless unit. The hair on the unit is still good, but needs the right kind of shampoo and conditioner. I used the silicon mix shampoo and conditioner on this unit and it caused it to tangle and knot up horribly! Great for some textures, but NOT this one!

Don’t get me wrong, this IS still a solid wig, but I don’t recommend it for adhesive, if you find the wig cap to be on the small side, or both. Use a good quality moisturizing shampoo/conditioner AND BE GENTLE!


Lace Front Wig Natural Hairline Heat Resistant Fiber Wig for Women with Baby Hair (16 Inch Black Color)

The hair is very soft and I didn’t have any sheading. Shockingly no tangling…. There’s shine bit not a fake shine. It came with some eyelashes (not good ones just the cheap kind you’ll get from the dollar store but very a thoughtful and nice little thank you gift)

Good quality for synthetic hair… Soft lace (not real fabric lace). Full lace, knots not bleached (not sure if they can be bleached. Nice parting space about 1 to 2 1/2 inches. You have to style n manipulate this unit. Use a blow dryer on low heat and a wide tooth comb… Tame that hair. The wig is beautiful but I personally didn’t like the 16″ curly Bob. The hair was too poofy but it may look good on someone else.

U lived this wigs construction. Very nice 5 star for quality… Just didn’t look right on me. Unfortunately I had to return BUT I’m trying a different one… Great quality great price.