Pre-Plucked Hairline Silky Straight Wave Hair Wig

I love the hair.. very soft. Almost wish I got wavy because dark hair personally looks better wavy on me. I might dye it I doubt I will. I’ve already straightened and slept in braids and curled it a bit… it curls really well. Length is great.

I was supposed to receive it in 4 days but it came in 2 days! I honestly expected it to be synthetic when I received it or at least a mix but it ended up being what it said it is and she is beautiful. Comes with pretty long baby hairs and does need a little plucking.

My first wig like this so I’m still trying to get use to it. Got2b works great with it. I haven’t bleached the knots but if I decide to lighten the hair I will.

I still haven’t washed it idk why. Some ppl cousin about the smell when you first get it but I love it. Maybe because it just reminds me I got some new hair.